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[TRLog] Band Map Scanning

Subject: [TRLog] Band Map Scanning
From: (
Date: 7 Dec 1999 14:50:40 -0000
> Sorry, but all this talk about possible improvements to the bandmap for those
> who S&P have me thinking again about how nice it would be if the bandmap
> would at least allow the same call to be on more than one band's map.  Since
> nobody else has mentioned it, I'm beginning to wonder if this is one of those
> only-for-VR2BG bugs or I'm the only one running SOAB.  ;^)

It is rather complicated to do this by band - however, it would be 
pretty easy to add an option that simply doesn't erase other entries
with the same callsign.  

> One thing to consider with the suggestion that the bandmap might only display
> data appropriate for the current mode based on frequency is good, but beware
> how band segments are defined - in the recent CQ WW CW, I found guys running
> well above 28200 kc & it's not uncommon on 20 to find guys up there amongst or
> above the packet above 14100 kc.

Yup - this is a hard thing.  I guess I might figure out a way to 
implement some sort of cutoff frequency that can be programmed.

Also, I have now found a configuration that allows me to quickly create
the packet/multi crash.  It turns out to have nothing to do with the 
bandmap - as I it crashes just fine without it enabled.  This bug should
be squashed with another evening or two of investigation.  

To create it at home - if you are interested - you need two computers
networked.  Create a packet file from the PACKET.ZIP that I included
and use the TR PACKETINPUT FILE filename startup command on one 
computer.  Go to the other one and press TAB to go into S&P and ESCAPE
to get out a few times.  It should crash almost instantly.  I am told
this doesn't happen in 6.45, although I haven't confirrmed that yet.

It is related to receiving packet spots over the network - not getting
them off of the TNC.


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