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Subject: [TRLog] Directories in TRlog
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Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 16:49:07 -0000

>  Did you reboot your machine after editing autoexec.bat file?  Changes will
> not be in effect until you do. 

But you can execute a PATH command from the command line with the whole 
path statement you desire. DOSKEY is an excellent utility to have in effect 
while doing this as you can cursor up to a previous statement, edit it, and 
execute it.

Similarly, you don't have to reboot the computer to get AUTOEXEC.BAT path 
changes implemented; just invoke it from the command line. 

However, once you have completed all the testing and fine tuning of your path, 
it doesn't hurt to do a reboot, because there may be some things  your 
AUTOEXEC calls for that need a fresh boot.

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