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[TRLog] Band Map Scanning

Subject: [TRLog] Band Map Scanning
From: (VR2BrettGraham)
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 00:44:33 +0000
Tree replied:

>> Sorry, but all this talk about possible improvements to the bandmap for
>> those who S&P have me thinking again about how nice it would be if the
>> bandmap would at least allow the same call to be on more than one band's
>> map.  Since nobody else has mentioned it, I'm beginning to wonder if this
>> is one of those only-for-VR2BG bugs or I'm the only one running SOAB.  ;^)
>It is rather complicated to do this by band - however, it would be 
>pretty easy to add an option that simply doesn't erase other entries
>with the same callsign.  

Yes, please!  Many, many a time I could've gone straight to productive S&Ping
after a band change if it were there, rather than first having to tell the
program again that W3LPL, K3LR, KC1XX & W7RM were still where they were last
time I'd swept the band.  And then to do it all over again after the next
band change after that...

73, VR2BrettGraham

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