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[TRLog] Fw: [CQ-Contest] Sleep Deprivation Summary

Subject: [TRLog] Fw: [CQ-Contest] Sleep Deprivation Summary
From: (Dale L. Martin)
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 17:45:33 -0600

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From: S Cooper <>

>4. What to eat? The objective is to maintain a steady blood-glucose level of
>around 4-5 mmol throughout the weekend, with a slightly higher than normal
>intake of protein. In normal healthy individuals, high blood-glucose levels
>lead to poor concentration and drowsiness whilst low blood-glucose levels
>lead to iritability, short temper and loss of aptitude. 4-5 mmol, a
>moderately low level, will be achieved by avoiding anything containing
>simple carbohydrates like sugar or bleached pure white flour.

Okay, Tree.  There ya go!  How about a blood-glucose level interface between
TRLog and the operator?  Not only could the operator fine tune his
blood-glucose leve, but after the contest,  in Post, he'd be able to correlate
the levels with rates!

Now, that's something that can help performance and scores.

Maybe a periodic on-screen reminder to take a drink of water, too.

dale, kg5u

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