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[TRLog] Fw: [CQ-Contest] Sleep Deprivation Summary

Subject: [TRLog] Fw: [CQ-Contest] Sleep Deprivation Summary
From: (Bruce M. Small)
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999 19:03:45 -0500
Not as wacky as you think!

This week the FDA approved a device that is worn like a wristwatch and
measures periodic blood glucose levels.

Should be a simple matter to steal the output to the digital display...

Dale L. Martin wrote:
> Okay, Tree.  There ya go!  How about a blood-glucose level interface between
> TRLog and the operator?  Not only could the operator fine tune his
> blood-glucose leve, but after the contest,  in Post, he'd be able to correlate
> the levels with rates!
> 73,
> dale, kg5u

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