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[TRLog] Manual suggestion

Subject: [TRLog] Manual suggestion
From: (Bill Till)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 00:40:51 -0700
Hello fellow TRLog users:

I have a suggestion about the manual. Would it be possible to set it up similar
to the way that Canadian military manuals (and probably lots of others) are

The pages are all numbered as usual, then any time any page is amended or any
new page is added, an amendment list is made up and dated listing the changed
and added pages. These are mailed out as a package to the manual holders and the
recipient goes through his manual, removing the pages that have been amended,
inserting the new ones and checking off the amendment list. Each manual has an
amendment sheet in the front with columns where the amendment numbers and dates
can be entered. Thus anyone can pick up the manual and tell, with a glance at
the amendment sheet, if the manual is up to date.

This procedure could be easily adapted to the process we use now of downloading
from the Internet. It just needs a current amendment file to be posted so that
it would be easy to check to see if your manual is up to date, and if not, to
download the amended and added pages to update. That way it would not be
necessary to download or read online the whole manual to see what changes, if
any, have been made.

Considering the frequent manual changes , most of us don't print the manual very
often. We might download it onto our hard disks and then when a problem arises,
we browse the manual with Adobe Acrobat. I may be old fashioned, but I have much
better luck with a printed manual that I can hold in my hands and read, but if
the whole thing can become obsolete with every change, printing it is not

Our manual guru, to whom we owe a vote of thanks, would probably be able to make
changes more often using this amendment system. If inserting a paragraph or
diagram caused a page to overflow, the extra could be added on an added page
inserted as, for example, page 22A, so as not to throw out the numbering
sequence. Addition of the added page would be listed on the amendment list and
the manual's amendment sheet.

Now tell me that it is being done that way already (?) Comments?



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