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[TRLog] HAPPY99.EXE Virus warning

Subject: [TRLog] HAPPY99.EXE Virus warning
From: (Tom Hammond - N0SS)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 10:43:49 -0600
I received HAPPY99.EXE about 6 months ago... from a friend who didn't have
a clue that he was infected.

The good thing is that it's relatively easy to get rid of, because it
really doesn't do any 'damage' to your system, other than to change
a couple files and then to propagate itself via your e-mail.

There are document files available from several locations with 
instructions of how to MANUALLY remove this one... takes about
10-15 minutes.

This ain't the one we need to watch for... but there are several
NEW ones which are particularly nasty.  If you wish to read about
them, I direct your attention to:
and  (see FREE VIRUS NEWS)

The two CIAC URLs should be REQUIRED READING for folks who tend
to want to forward virus warnings without checking them out first
and for folks who forward chain letters.

Now, I will return to more on-topic discussions.

<Exactly - this is the end of this thread please - N6TR>

73 - Tom Hammond   N0SS

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