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[TRLog] different QSO-Points per Band

Subject: [TRLog] different QSO-Points per Band
From: (
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 07:55:52 +0100
I'm using newest Version of TR 6.46
In Switzerland we have an XMAS-Contest (working only Swiss-Stations) on 80m and
40m in SSB and CW with differnet QSO-Points for 40m(3Pts.) and 80m(2Pts.). So i
didn't find a possible Contest in the list. Now i tried to configure the
logcfg.dat but i can't find  parameters to start a log with our rules. In this
contest we are sending following datas:
RST / QSONr. / canton. ( 59 001 /TG in SSB or 599 001 /TG in CW).
Is it possible to solve this problem?

Peter Altschul HB9CMI

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