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[TRLog] TR vs. CT features (a wish)

Subject: [TRLog] TR vs. CT features (a wish)
From: (Udo Lautenbach DL2ZAV)
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 00:08:09 +0100

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From: Soro Roberto <>
> * (SCORE window) how many qsos a new mult is worth
> and
> * (RATES windows) how long you can stay working a mult
> Is there something similar in TR?

As far as I know, no.

Some information like that sure would be nice. For me, it would be
sufficient to have a permanent display of the QSO-per-mult-ratio which is
said to be a contest dependent constant, so the target value can be derived
from last year's scores. With such a display, I could see if I'm ahead or
behind that value and decide if it's better to go for QSOs or for mults.

This would probably be only one division operation when updating the scores
display. The biggest problem I see is finding a place for yet another window
on that 80x25 screen.

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