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[TRLog] FT-1000D

Subject: [TRLog] FT-1000D
From: (Bob Marston)
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 12:54:02 -0800
The problem that I think you are referring to, no frequency update, was
related to some erroneous coding that found it's way into TRLog at version
6.43. This problem was unique as I understood it to the FT-1000MP. Turns
out that the coding in the log.cfg called for a FT-1000MPP not a FT-1000MP.
The work around was to use FT-1000MPP until Tree got it straightened out.
This would not be applicable here as your friend is using an FT-1000D.
Check the logcfg file to make sure you are using the correct file.

Bob K1TA

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