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[TRLog] Disappearing call working split with bandmap

Subject: [TRLog] Disappearing call working split with bandmap
From: (
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 23:23:02 EST
I found some mention of this in the archives ca. April `96 but the solution, 
if there is one, is not clear.

I pick up a call out of the bandmap, of a station working split. I go to TX 
mode to call him in S&P but by the time I hit Enter his call has disappeared 
from the call window so nothing is sent. This follows the usual behavior that 
calls from the bandmap go away when you leave their frequency. I tried 
setting BAND MAP CALL WINDOW ENABLE = FALSE. This prevents calls from popping 
into the window from the band map but doesn't prevent them from leaving it. 
The disappearance happens only if the call is a flashing band map entry.

I am getting frequencies from an ICOM 735 for the band map. I'm still on 

Thanks, Carl WS7L

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