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[TRLog] Disappearing call working split with bandmap

Subject: [TRLog] Disappearing call working split with bandmap
From: (Steven London)
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 07:54:10 -0700
Yes, this is a very annoying problem that is not unique to your radio or TR
version combination.

The workaround that I use is to go into RUN mode when working split.

Steve, N2IC/0

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Date: Wednesday, December 29, 1999 9:24 PM
Subject: [TRLog] Disappearing call working split with bandmap

>I found some mention of this in the archives ca. April `96 but the
>if there is one, is not clear.
>I pick up a call out of the bandmap, of a station working split. I go to TX
>mode to call him in S&P but by the time I hit Enter his call has
>from the call window so nothing is sent. This follows the usual behavior
>calls from the bandmap go away when you leave their frequency. I tried
>setting BAND MAP CALL WINDOW ENABLE = FALSE. This prevents calls from
>into the window from the band map but doesn't prevent them from leaving it.
>The disappearance happens only if the call is a flashing band map entry.
>I am getting frequencies from an ICOM 735 for the band map. I'm still on
>Thanks, Carl WS7L
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