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[TRLog] Kantronics Issue???

Subject: [TRLog] Kantronics Issue???
From: (Larry Menzel)
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 14:24:22 -0600
Hello listers:

I spoke both with George and with Kantronics on the issue of one way
communications from my KPC 3 to Trlog and back.

First:  Will someone who is using a KPC 3 with Trlog please email me with
the parameters they are using to make it work?
Second:  Kantronics tech support says the KPC 3 is looking or a <CR> ONLY at
the end of a line, and I see no switches in
Trlog that enable just a CR at the end of a line.  I see LF but the TNC is
not looking for that.

Does enabling a LF at the end of the line turn off a CR?

My KPC 3 works fine with every other program including hyperterm.
Tree...what's up?  Any suggestions?

Bamboozled, again.

Contest starts in 3.70

Larry, N0XB

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