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[TRLog] band map problems...

Subject: [TRLog] band map problems...
From: (Ron D. Rossi)
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 12:06:40 -0500

I ran 6.63 over the weekend at our M/2 for ARRL DX. Some of the operators were 
relying heavily on the band map to surf the bands for new contacts. This was 
my first experience with such a large quantity of band map entries as we just 
recently set up a local RF node on the cluster. I ran into a few problems I 
need to share. It was frustrating for me to have to make excuses for the 
program when I know how good it as at everything else! I have a reputation as 
the local TR advocate.

1) When the band map filled up enough that it could not be contained on the 
screen the NEXTBANDMAP function would tune the radio, but not show that call 
sign or mult status of the station. I resorted to exiting TR, deleting 
BANDMAP.BIN, restarting TR, issuing "SH/DX/50 on 10m/SSB" to get the recent 
ones back. I also changed the decay time to 15 minutes. Not ideal solutions to 
be sure.

2) I could not navigate the band map properly with the cursor keys. This is a 
new phenomenon for 6.63. <ctrl>-END would put the cursor on a false spot at 
the end of the bandmap. The contents were gibberish (looked like the list 
pointer was invalid). When using the cursor keys left and right the cursor 
would not move linearly or sometimes not move at all.

3) BAND MAP DUPE DISPLAY does not function properly as described by myself and 
others in the past.

I don't know how much more memory it takes to get the don't show dupes to 
work. I am guessing that you have a double linked list (?)...actually how 
could you and support left and right cursor movement? Anyway maybe the linked 
list is the way to go? Then you would not have to do any calculations about 
placement on the screen? I would give up L/R movement for more versatile 
display features.

73 es God Bless de KK1L...ron ( <><
Ron Rossi H/P SRAM Engineering -- IBM Microelectronics
QTH: Jericho, Vermont
My page:

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