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[TRLog] Windoze XP - no luck

Subject: [TRLog] Windoze XP - no luck
From: (Mark S. Adams, P.E.)
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002 08:59:46 -0500
Hi Gang,

I tried Direct i-o and it worked FB with LogEQF!  Keying is superb from the
serial port and now my general logging is back to normal.

BUT, I cannot make TRLog play nicely with the serial or parallel ports for
keying despite having what I believe are good settings in Direct I-O.  When
starting TRLog or VHFTest I get an error box that says something like
"kernel not located, VDD error".  Any ideas??  (Radio data with my Omni 6
works fine though, freq, band changes, etc.)

I got a good deal on the Dell refurb and it came with XP. I would rather
not wipe the HD and install Win9x, Partition Magic and XP again.

Mark K2QO

PS- I would really like to see TRLog hanlde VHF rovers. That would
eliminate the need to use VHFTest!  

Mark S. Adams, P.E.
University at Buffalo
Occupational and Environmental Safety
220 Winspear Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14215-1034
Tel: 716.829.3707 ext. 25  Fax: 716.829.2704
Pager: 716.774.2260

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