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[TRLog] partial calls, dupes

Subject: [TRLog] partial calls, dupes
From: (Igor Sokolov)
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 17:10:25 +0500
Hi Jim,
This is normal. SCP feature switches off when the program "feels" it is
about to become short of memory. You probably loaded up too many different
drivers and TSR into lower memory. SBDVP for instance? Band map switched on?
Free some memory in the lower 640 kb and enjoy...

73, Igor UA9CDC

In the several contests where I have used TRLOG partial calls and red dupes
in <> brackets always appear at the bottom. Last weekend, half way through
the contest, that feature stopped working. If I typed a call, no partials
were displayed. The only way I could tell if the call was a dupe was to hit

What did I do wrong?

Jim W4YA

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