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[TRLog] band map problems...

Subject: [TRLog] band map problems...
From: (
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 14:55:56 EST
The ability of Tr to handle packet spots is clearly the weakest link in an 
otherwise outstanding contest logging program. 

I had the same experience you had using the band map with spots coming from 
the DX cluster.   In addition, I ran into the problem of spots failing to be 
posted to the bandmap.  This happened after QSO number 1000, and presumably 
is related to the program running out of conventional memory. I had similar 
problems before, and it probably related to my loading the DVP TSR.

Several suggestions: 
1.  Allow Tr to utilize expanded or extended memory for these functions.
2.  As an alternative to only posting spots in the BANDMAP,  making available 
a point-and-shoot Announce Window (like in CT), specifically to handle packet 
spots.  This would have the added advantage of not having to run Tr in VGA 
mode in order to effectively utilize packet spotting.

Thanks for the bandwidth,


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