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[TRLog] IC765/TR Log

Subject: [TRLog] IC765/TR Log
From: (William R Liporace NA2NA)
Date: Wed Mar 6 13:14:52 2002
Good Evening,
I have been using & testing the IC-765 with TR.  I have talked to Tree &
george on the phone.  I did not get very far.  I was not impressed by
the support.  Tree & George are very good with support with things they
know or can fix.  I was happy to see that Tree was going to buy a 765 to
fix the program.  I would have sent mine for the summer!!

I have the program talking to the radio.  I does hesitate, but works fine.
If you spin or tune the VFO, it will go to the freq as soon as you stop.
The program will change modes just fine!

here are a few questions I have:
Homebrew, Purchased, or Icom interface??
What type of interface (cheat or MAX232) (Cheat is the diode version)?
Wiring of cable?  
I will have to get mine out, but I did homebrew my cable & interface.  I
used the MAX232 chip (there are many).  I get the power from the serial
I have used my setup with LOGPlus, NA, TR, CT.  I can watch the VFO change
on LOGPlus in beat with my rig.  I enjoy TR, but... it is not totally for
me yet.  (I am registered for the above programs)  I will continue to
support the above, all have done great thing for logging and contesting!!

If anyone needs more, let me know.  I will try to help out. Keep going
Tree, GREAT Progam!!!

73 es CUL Will

William Liporace NA2NA 
763 Huntingdon Drive             NA2NA @ K2TR (yccc packet cluster)
Niskayuna, NY 12309         
518-346-3804 home                518-471-2837 work

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