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[TRLog] band map problems...

Subject: [TRLog] band map problems...
From: (
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 16:57:59 EST
In a message dated 3/6/02 2:28:58 PM Eastern Standard Time, 

<< Excuse me,
 hasn't the Ctrl-U packet spot window been there ever since, long before the 
 bandmap was introduced?
 Use Up and Down Arrows and Tab to move, Right or Left Arrow to send spot to 
 or left radio.
Not at all.   The PACKET ANNOUNCE window in CT is actually one of CT's most 
important and useful features, and is a powerful tool for rapidly sorting out 
and rapidly QSY'ing to packet multipliers. The PACKET ANNOUNCE window in CT 
sorts packet spots, and can be toggled to show MULTS THIS BAND, MULTS ALL 
BANDS, QSOS THIS BAND, QSO'S ALL BANDS.  It will not display dupes.
In contrast to ctrl-U function,  the CT ANNOUNCE Window retains all spots for 
at least the past 30 minutes (you access them by scrolling up or down), 
whereas the ctrl-U function simply randomly lists only the last 10 - 15 or so 
spots, and these are not sorted.  By contrast, Tr's ctrl-U function it it's 
present iteration is really not very useful.  The right and left arrow radio 
assign feature, in particular,  is confusing.

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