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[TRLog] Is there Cabrillo after 70?

Subject: [TRLog] Is there Cabrillo after 70?
From: (doug thomas)
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 08:08:35 -0600
  For several seasons we have been able to use TR's "post" program.
However, in our most recent attempt to prepare our 160ssb log, "create 
cabrillo file"
comes up with "no contacts found".
Line "F" in TR POST  = cq160feb.dat
files are in the "LOG" directory and I see the logged entries in the 
.dat file.
I go to the "Log" directory and rename the file to bq160.dat and the 
"post" program tells me "file not found". I hope this is proof  "post" 
is looking at correct file. Following is first line of dat file.
160ssb 22-Feb-02 22:01    1 N4UK          59   59  Sc             Sc       2
I have initiated a new contest log, added couple log entries, and "post" 
did the Cabrillo
routine ok. I deleted the test entries, moved text of my real log to the 
test dat file, and "post" says, no entries found.
  I have found what I think is reference to similar problem dated Wed. 
21, Nov. 2001 but I have not been able to resolve my problem.
All of the above creates a lot of smoke and noise, yet it has to be a 
very simple explanation which tells you something about my computer 


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