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[TRLog] Wintelnetx & TR

Subject: [TRLog] Wintelnetx & TR
From: (Gary J. Ferdinand)
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 13:38:03 -0500

See interspersed.

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> Subject: [TRLog] Wintelnetx & TR
> Gary,
> I read your e-mail to the cluster regarding getting Wintelnetx
> talking to Tr.
>  As per your suggestion, I also found it critical to have the COM
> port on the
> Windows machine and the COM port on the DOS machine running Tr to be
> identical.  One issue I found with the current version (4.09) of
> Wintenetx is
> defeating handshaking protocols (e.g, XON/XOFF, etc)  in the
> Wintelnetx setup
> window.  When I tried to input Tr's default setting (2400/7/1/E)
> in the setup
> window, there was no option in the Wintelx setup window for
> NOTselecting some
> protocol.

I do not recall having a problem in this area.  I'm sure I'm not on the most
current version of Wintelnetx and I don't recall if there were differences
in this area.  What my doc file says is that I specified 2400/7/1/E with
RTSCTS for the flow settings.  Not XON/XOFF.

>  I got around this by using an 8 bit packet setting (in
> my case,
> 4800/8/0/N), which did not addtionally require inputing any handshaking
> protocol. The baud rate and 8 bit packet setting were enabled in my
> STDCFG.DAT file.

Again, I did not have to do this.  In fact I royally screwed things up
initially, when I blindly specified the "8 bit packet port" TRLog setting
based on reflector discussions that I had not read carefully enough.  Once I
removed that, it all fell together very well.

>  I got the programs talking together, but am having problems with
> the Tr's
> sign-on terminal program (i.e., CTRL-B) scrolling.  As you suggested, I
> enabled ADD LF, and ADD CR, but still find I have to manually hit
> the ENTER
> key multiple times to get the screen to display spots.  I can do
> a SH/DX from
> within the CTRL-B screen, but again this requires multiple hits
> of the ENTER
> key.

I don't use the spot display with CTRL-B very often.  When I do, in a heavy
contest, it has so much motion (due to update frequency) that I just turn it
off and rely instead on the bandmap entries. I have "auto cr = false" and
"add lf = true."   I've used this setup only on major worldwide contests.
I've never appreciated the utility of the scrolling window of spots.
There's just too much activity and the QSO rates preclude staring at it for
any length of time anyway.

> I was wondering if you had any further suggestions?

Sorry I can't help.  Sounds like you're tearing up some new ground that I
haven't had to plow yet.  If/when you solve it, post your results.   If you
don't have the .txt file I wrote up (mostly to help me remember what worked)
that documents both TRLog and Wintelnetx settings, I'll be happy to email it
to you, or anyone else on the reflector who asks.


Gary W2CS

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