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[TRLog] Fw: WPX serial numbers

Subject: [TRLog] Fw: WPX serial numbers
From: (KL7RA)
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 12:59:48 -0900
In a past post about TRLog not able to increment outgoing serial 
numbers I mentioned this:
"On a good note the log checking software doesn't seem to care. "

Checking the WPX web site for any rule changes,
I see now that they do care:
"It is very important that your log indicates the correct serial number sent."

One thing Steve did to help all the logging programs was to allow 
Multi-single to use separate numbers by band:
"If you are using TRlog select the  QSO NUMBER BY BAND option." 

This will help a lot for the m/s serial number problem especially now that
the WPX rules for M/S are the same as the WW M/S.

73 Rich  KL7RA

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