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[TRLog] RE: disappearing calls and other interesting things

Subject: [TRLog] RE: disappearing calls and other interesting things
From: (
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 17:42:04 EST
Hi guys

I use TR as my daily logbook and have also encountered disappearing callsigns 
--- also I have noticed something else.

When Tr is in S&P mode and I use CTRL-U to select a station from the 
Dxcluster -- TR puts the dxstations callsign into the call window as expected 
- however TR when drops the cursor into the exchange Window - therefore when 
I hit  the return to send my callsign to the dx station - TR actually sends 
the exchange to that station "minus my callsign" and logs the QSO as 
completed, I then have to use ALT Y to delete the last QSO and enter the 
callsign manually and start the QSO again which is very annoying....

Alan H G8OO





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