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[TRLog] POST ate Chip & J!

Subject: [TRLog] POST ate Chip & J!
From: (Juhan Põldvere)
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 00:43:57 +0200
 > If the JA cell is overcapacity (total information saved > 64K),
 > the calls at the end of the JA list will be missing
 > (as Mirko pointed out).

Are you using a ready-made subroutine library to handle the

Are calls that don't make it into the first 64K really

Why can't you use extention cells for over-large doublets,
with a pointer to the extention at the end of the filled up
cell? Or is the overhead connected with this what you call
"manually check"? Maybe it isn't even that big - contained
in loop controls already?

 > It isn't likely that I can do much about this in the program.
 > Manually checking each call to see if it has already been
 > written would >really slow down the operation.  I'll ponder
 > it for awhile to see if anything comes to mind.

Juhan ES5QX

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