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[TRLog] POST ate Chip & J!

Subject: [TRLog] POST ate Chip & J!
From: (Udo DL2ZAV)
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 23:59:11 +0100

<VR2BrettGraham, 20 Mar 2002>:

> S57AD added:
> >Um, I noticed the same thing as Brett did. I think it *is* related with the
> >size of cells. I have quite large database (TRMASTER.ASC size is 1.7 MB),
> >with 'S5' cell being the largest, and there are disappearing calls right
> >>from that cell. That doesn't wonder me, as Pascal allows just 64 kB large
> >cells, so larger ones are obviously truncated.
> Well, at least it isn't just me - cheers, Mirko!
> The JA cell, from my recollection, came out because I'd hit that 64k brick
> wall.  My largest one now is JH, at ~43k.  It'll be a while before I run into
> that one again.  I think Tree did some preventative maintenance at that
> time & ditched the DL cell & perhaps some others, too.
> Therefore, perhaps other cells that were removed to avoid the brick wall
> problem are falling foul of this behavior I've seen with JA.  I'm sure anyone
> else seeing this would be helpful feedback for Tree.

Didn't have time for a response until now. 
The DL cell is still there (and maybe the JA cell is back??).
Cell DL is my largest as reported by POST, but until now it's only 30K big, so 
Tree's theory there shouldn't be any DLs lost. I also didn't notice any losses 
now but I can't tell if I would have been aware of it.

I don't think there is any need to remove cell DL - reasons:
The big bunch of DL stations is those with a 3 letter suffix, many of those 
have an A, B, or C at position 2, as in dl6rAi and dl2zAv, so they go into 
other cells 
(e. g. AI and AV).
We have a lot of other prefixes (DA~DN), so it isn't all DL.
There are not so many contesters from Germany, you always work the same people 
over and over again...

73, Udo

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