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[TRLog] Yaseu Interface

Subject: [TRLog] Yaseu Interface
From: (Larry Menzel)
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 16:08:20 -0600
Well, if it's like all the rest of the older Yaesu radios, its output is TTL
level and not RS232 so you'll need some kind of
interface. I use the one from Phil Whithouse, W1GEE.  Check out this URL:

Best price I've found and fast service.  This unit handles one
radio/computer  at a time.  I assume it's the usual Yaesu
interface.  You need an LCU 3Y2 interface cable.

Larry, N0XB

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Subject: [TRLog] Yaseu Interface

Hi All,

Just picked up a FT-757GX for a second radio.  Is there a simple way to
interface this radio with the computer or do I need to build the RS232
interface in the ARRL Handbook.  Built this circuit for the TS440 I used to
have only to find out all I really needed was a couple of resistors and
zener diodes to accomplish the same thing.  Anything this simple for Yaseu?

73...Jim, WT9U
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