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[TRLog] 286 Computer Question

Subject: [TRLog] 286 Computer Question
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Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:19:58 +0000
I've had the same problem with my RS 286 --- and when I 
asked the list, the response I got was some of the older 
BIOS would have to be replaced... and it's not worth 
it.  It is cheaper to buy a used computer with the right 
BIOS than install a new BIOS on an old machine (if you 
could find one that would be compatible).  So I bought a 
used 486.
Alan Kaul, LaCanada, CA 91011
> Here's another question about ancient equipment, I've got a Tandy 1500 286
> laptop.  Installed Dos 6.xx last night.  When trying to use the Ctrl-J to
> bring up the menu it's sends the CQ message instead.  All the other Ctrl
> functions work as advertised.  Any suggestions?
> 73...Jim, WT9U
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