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[TRLog] PIEXX - Kenwood Interface

Subject: [TRLog] PIEXX - Kenwood Interface
From: (Oliver Sweningsen)
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 19:30:16 -0800
I installed the PIEXX board and chip in a TS940 and began trials with
TRlog yesterday.  Found communications from Kenwood to PC working
properly in all respects.

However, PC to radio commands from TRlog seem to be over-written by
radio settings within a second.  Only Alt M command works, changing mode
from CW to SSB.

Alt V and Alt B nitiate  band changes, but are interrupted - sometimes
there is a changefrom USB to LSB or visa versa noted on the radio with
these commands.
Typing in frequency on the computer does not change radio setting; shift
command does not activate RIT, etc.

Again,  I only have good radio to pc communications.  Please advise to

Oliver Sweningsen, W6NV

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