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[TRLog] OFF Topic Post---ARISS contacts K7RAT

Subject: [TRLog] OFF Topic Post---ARISS contacts K7RAT
From: Alan Kaul" < (Alan Kaul)
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 21:17:24 -0800
Sorry for the off-topic bandwidth, but NBC Weekend Nightly News with John
Siegenthaler, Saturday 3/30/2002, (((early evening network newscast in most
domestic cities))) is "planning" to air a 2-minute highlight's report on the
Amateur Radio in Space Station (ARISS) contact with K7RAT at the Boring, Oregon,
Deep Creek School.

The actual radio contact lasted about 9-minutes as the Space Station passed
overhead on March 8th.

Unfortunately, news developments sometimes cause the "planned" items in a
broadcast to be shuffled, dropped, etc.  But as of this writing, the item is
scheduled for broadcast.

73 de alan

Alan Kaul, W6RCL, LaCanada, CA

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