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[TRLog] Displaying dom file in new contest

Subject: [TRLog] Displaying dom file in new contest
From: (Jim Smith)
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 01:29:06 -0700
Thanks for the help, both here and direct.  My problem vanished when I 
copied the contents of my cfg file into a new file and used that. 
 Didn't get this figured out until half an hour before the end of the 
contest.  Obviously, I got a stunning score!

The Missouri QSO Party has both county mults and zone mults.  Each zone 
consists of a number of counties.  I gather this was done to make it 
possible to work all of something.  Presumably the number of counties 
expected to participate is not high.

I received cfg and dom files from N0SS (thanks Tom) which I have 
modified somewhat and which work, but don't score the double mults.  I'm 
going to send these to the MoQP folks and the TR webmaster but it would 
be nice if we could get the double mult scoring to work.  I looked at 
the assign feature of the dom files but don't see how to make that work 
for double mults.  Obviously TR will handle double mults, (CQ WW) I just 
don't know enough about how TR does stuff to know how to proceed.

So, it seems to me we need a dom file of the counties (which we have) 
and a xxx file showing which counties are in which zones which TR will 
also check when allocating mults.

If this is the way to go, how do I implement it?

If it isn't, how can I achieve the desired result, i.e. correct scoring 
of double mults?

Why am I starting a new project when I have so many unfinished ones?  I 
seem to be a sucker for a challenge.

73 de Jim Smith    VE7FO

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