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[TRLog] Version 6.64 Thanks

Subject: [TRLog] Version 6.64 Thanks
From: (
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 19:24:31 EDT
>> KK1L said:
>A gotcha about split spots are ones which come from outside the US. In the 
>file I put on my web site there is a spot for KC7V on 7.157 QSX 7.090 from 
>JA1UKC. That would put you out of band.

I guess the only saving grace here is that I wouldn't be selecting such a 
spot in a any contest (having seen where KC7V is listening).  You're 
absolutely right, however, if I did I'd be out of the band.

You raised a very important observation, however, in a personal e-mail that I 
want to share with the reflector.

Ross noted that depending on the BAND MAP CUTOFF FREQUENCY, the mode may be 
set incorrectly for splits.  For Phone contests set BAND MAP SPLIT MODE = 
PHONE and to CW for CW contests.  Otherwise you may find incorrect mode 
settings on the split.  Note: This is for the FT-1000MP and may or may not 
apply to other rigs.

Thanks to Ross, KK1L, for this important observation.

73, Bob - W3YY

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