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[TRLog] WPX & Big Remaining List

Subject: [TRLog] WPX & Big Remaining List
From: (Rolf T Salme)
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 14:52:33 +0900
Hello all,

I am sitting here and dry-running my TR-Log in=20
preparation for the upcoming WPX CW.

I have set Big Remaining List =3D True, but no such
list appears on my screen. Anything I have missed?

OTH, the number of possible prefixes is just so
enourmous, so this feature may not be possible in
the WPX.

Another feature I would appreciate having is a=20
display of counterbearings or reverse bearings.=20
It would be useful if the longpath bearing could=20
be displayed in the same way as we can now see=20
both sunrise and sunset.=20

@ Tokyo

P.S. This will probably be my last trip to XV-
land for some years to come.=20

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