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[TRLog] TRLog] WPX & Big Remaining List

Subject: [TRLog] TRLog] WPX & Big Remaining List
From: (Rolf T Salme)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 07:03:36 +0900

I agree with you, i.e. almost.

> If you are spending time chasing multipliers in WPX, you=20
> are probably making a big mistake.

I did just that in WPX 98, i.e. chasing multipliers, and I=20
finished #2 in the world on 21 MHz LP (& #5 in the open=20

OTH, yesterday, I went through the scores on 21 CW LP=20
from last year, and the top ten had a new multiplier hit count=20
of between 40 and almost 70 % of their QSOs, which means
that they actually made a new one about every second QSO,=20
so you have a point, Guy!

Before we are reminded that we are completely off=20
topic <g>, allow me to repeat yesterday's wishlist item:=20
it would be an advantage if TR-Log could show longpath=20
bearings as well.

73 & cu in the WPX,

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