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Subject: [TRLog] TRLog] WPX & Big Remaining List
From: (Guy Olinger, K2AV)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 00:18:08 -0400
Yes, off topic, this WASN'T CQ-contest, my mistake. But since you
mentioned it...

SINGLE BAND WPX is another issue because you don't have 5 bands to get
the mults. (80m JE2 is the same as 15m JE2 for multiplier purposes.)

Working all bands, that close in mult that is weak on 15 will be duck
soup on 40 or 80, and taking time away from Q's on 15 to chase it will
cost the total. Especially since the 15 m op is just as likely to work
OTHER mults in his Q chase.

And if you are an unassisted category, no spots...

Stick to your CQ frequency and your best S&P technique, and WORK

This topic is QSY...

73, Guy.

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Subject: [TRLog] TRLog] WPX & Big Remaining List


I agree with you, i.e. almost.

> If you are spending time chasing multipliers in WPX, you
> are probably making a big mistake.

I did just that in WPX 98, i.e. chasing multipliers, and I
finished #2 in the world on 21 MHz LP (& #5 in the open

OTH, yesterday, I went through the scores on 21 CW LP
from last year, and the top ten had a new multiplier hit count
of between 40 and almost 70 % of their QSOs, which means
that they actually made a new one about every second QSO,
so you have a point, Guy!

Before we are reminded that we are completely off
topic <g>, allow me to repeat yesterday's wishlist item:
it would be an advantage if TR-Log could show longpath
bearings as well.

73 & cu in the WPX,

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