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[TRLog] DOS/98/XP: All Nutzed Up AGN

Subject: [TRLog] DOS/98/XP: All Nutzed Up AGN
From: Martin Kratoska" < (Martin Kratoska)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 20:45:18 +0200

as far as I know some applications compiled in the Borland's Turbo Pascal 6
or 7 may exhibit such problems. The problem is the graphic TPU. There are
some patches fixing this problem but such patch must be applied for the
compilation. I believe much better way is to use another DOS than Microsoft.
I'm using the Cladera Open DOS 7.01 with great success while other machines
with MD DOS 6.22 hanging up.

73 Martin, OK1RR
The difference between theory and practice in theory
is less than the difference between theory and practice in practice.

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Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 2:41 PM
Subject: [TRLog] DOS/98/XP: All Nutzed Up AGN

> Hi Gang,
> I thought that I had the disk partitioning down to a science using
> Partition Magic and Boot Magic. I had 4 nice primary partitions. One each
> for the Dell  hidden system (FAT), DOS (FAT), 98 (FAT32) and XP (NTFS).
> Boot magic allows me to easily boot to any of the latter three. A copy of
> TRLog 6.64 resides on each partition.
> BUT, when I try to run TRLog while in native DOS 6.2, the program simply
> stops accepting keyboard commands after about 5 keystrokes! The setup
> routine is OK. I can use CTRL-J to make a change or two, but when I go to
> log a Q, the keyboard seems dead. The cursor in the call entry field is
> blinking as it normally does. At this point the only thing that works is
> removing the AC power and the battery and rebooting. A search of the
> archives did not solve my problem. HELP!
> For the ARCI contest over the weekend I had to load QRPDupe and run it out
> 98. It's a darn nice program, but I WANT TRLog BACK.
> 73, Mark K2QO
> Mark S. Adams, P.E.
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