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[TRLog] Reciprocal Bearings

Subject: [TRLog] Reciprocal Bearings
From: (Chuck Fullgraf)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 15:54:09 -0400
Here's a tip to easily calculate the reciprocal bearing for a beam =
headings. Mentally adding or subtracting 180 can be difficult under =
adverse conditions.

If the bearing is less than 180 degrees, add 200 then subtract 20. Easy =

Conversely, if the bearing is greater than 180 degrees, subtract 200 and =
add 20.

Another tidbit, if you deal with bearings divisible by ten, the sum of =
the "tens" plus the "hundreds" will be the same as the sum for the =
reciprocal. Example, for 50 degrees (or 050, if your a purest),  the =
reciprocal is 230 degrees. 0 + 5 =3D 5 and 2 + 3 =3D 5. It makes a good =
check of your math.

I learned these from my flying days when sometimes just keeping the =
wings level commanded lots of metal resoures.

Chuck, KE4OAR

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