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[TRLog] DOS/98/XP-almost solved??

Subject: [TRLog] DOS/98/XP-almost solved??
From: (Mark S. Adams, P.E.)
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 08:23:58 -0400
Hi Gang,

A lister informed me that the following might be needed to get my problems
solved. You know, the partitioned drive with dos, 98 and xp on the newer

Hi.  Anyway, what solved it for me was to add
the following to my CONFIG.SYS file.

STACKS=18,512 (just as spaces)

I also changed in CONFIG.SYS these:


Now it's been a LONG time since I used a partition so not sure the
CONFIG.SYS file is even there!  I decided to use a separate drive for my
DOS programs so don't have any issues now with WINDOWS.

I tried this and instead of the program freezing on the FIRST qso logged,
it now freezed on the THIRD qso logged. Cool, eh?  Before making these mods
to the config.sys file, the program would even freeze while making changes
using CTRL-J after startup.

Now, given this new info, someone must know how to make the program log say
500 Q's :-)

Mark K2QO

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