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[TRLog] TR 6.64 comments...

Subject: [TRLog] TR 6.64 comments...
From: (Udo DL2ZAV)
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 21:57:25 +0200
Hi Ron, 

[Ron D. Rossi, 17 Apr 2002:]
> > set the decay time beyond 63 min or so?  I would like to be able to
> > set it to, say, 4 hours as it makes S&P much easier.  i.e. I don't
> > have to wait ten minutes for the guy to give his call when I'm
> > tuning by if I've already got him on the bandmap.
> Not yet. The only practical way for me to do this would be to change
> the granularity of the decay from one minute increments to something
> larger. The max number of "time units" an entry can survive is 63.
> That is not going away. However, I can make the "time unit"
> programmable. I know how I can implement it. I need to think about
> what to call it and how to present it. I am thinking simply BAND MAP
> DECAY UNIT = 1, 2, 3, ...? It needs to show up right next to BAND MAP
> DECAY TIME in the ctrl-J menu to avoid confusion. Comments?

Confusing enough to have two parameters to set. Besides, DECAY TIME = 45 
(minutes) in fact would mean 90 minutes when UNIT = 2. Maybe it could be called 

Or: BAND MAP DECAY TIME is renamed to (what it in fact is) BAND MAP TIME TO 
LIVE COUNT, the new value is named BAND MAP TIME TO LIVE UNIT. If the first 
one is 45 and the second 2, you get 45 ticks of 2 minutes, i. e. 90 minutes to 

I'd prefer if the program would do the calculation for me. What the user wants 
is to 
set the total decay time, the granularity is an inevitable side effect but 
nothing the 
user would want to set. (Objections?)

I'm not a programmer, but couldn't it be done something like this:
- get BAND MAP DECAY TIME User Value as set in Ctrl-J
- divide by 64
- take integer part
- add 1
- set Granularity to this value
- divide BAND MAP DECAY TIME by Granularity
- set Internal Time To Live to this value.


73, Udo

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