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[TRLog] DOS/98/XP-almost solved??

Subject: [TRLog] DOS/98/XP-almost solved??
From: (Udo DL2ZAV)
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 23:27:49 +0200

[Juhan Põldvere, 18 Apr 2002:]
> Someone here could get TRLog v. 4.05 to run by turning internal and
> external cache off in BIOS Setup and/or using a program called
> CPU_Killer 2.0 to tame his too hot Pony.

There are also patch programs around that make those Turbo 
Pascal programs run on faster machines without slowing down the 
machine. This way I got v 4.05 to run on my P III 500 MHz.

73, Udo

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