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[TRLog] TR 6.64 comments... (SBDVP)

Subject: [TRLog] TR 6.64 comments... (SBDVP)
From: (Tree N6TR)
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 18:31:34 -0700
KK1L writes:

> The latest version has a bug which keeps SBDVP from playing messages 
> properly. I have found the problem and it will be fixed in the next 
> release.

Who is this guy?

I thought this was my program?

Well - you might be wondering that yourself.  As mentioned in the last 
release notes, Ron, KK1L, did most (if not all) of the work on improving 
the bandmap.

Ron has blasted his way into the source code and has demonstrated the 
ability to program down to my level.  

Ron and I have started working out a framework to allow him to continue 
working on the program and receive a portion of the TR Log income.  In 
other words, he will be part of the TR Log team and probably perform most 
of the bug fixes and enhancements on the program for as long as it feels
right for both of us.

I think you have already seen that he has a lot of energy for this and
the quality of his work has been demonstrated by the lack of major 
problems with the bandmap changes he has made.  

This is really a win-win situation.  I will continue to be involved in
the program - and perhaps spend some time updating the public domain 
version and investigate having a "protected mode" version that will
not be limited by the 640K DOS memory boundary.

At any rate - I just thought I would let everyone know what was

Welcome aboard Ron!!


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