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[TRLog] MiQP Issue

Subject: [TRLog] MiQP Issue
From: (Ron D. Rossi)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 11:22:52 -0400
This would appear to be a problem with the DOM file. I am running into these 
issues supporting the New England QSO Party. If you had logged him in Montcalm 
and Monroe you would have seen a similar result. What I think is happening is 
the long form of the multiplier is not recognized as the same mult it was 
entered as. I will change the DOM and send it do you to try out please.

A good test of a DOM file is if you can rerun the contest with your log (TR 
READ save_log.dat) and have the score and mults come out the same. What this 
requires is that the 'long version' of the multiplier be interpreted the same 
way as the official abbreviation. In Tom's example this does not happen.

STC becomes St Clair  (" St Clair = STC" in the DOM file)
STJ becomes St Joseph (" St Joseph = STJ" in the DOM file)

When the program sees "St" it resolves that to "St Clair" in every case. I 
personally don't like spaces in mult names. The DOM needs to be changed to 
StClair = STC
StJoseph = STJ.

In the case of Grand and Gratio, the DOM says:
Gratiot = GRA
Grand Traverse = GRT

The problem here is that GRA is always translated to Gratiot even when it 
comes from "Grand Traverse". What needs to happen here is to add GRAN to the 
Grand Traverse list and reverse the order the two are listed in the DOM.

Grand Traverse = GRT, GRAN
Gratiot = GRA.

A similar thing need to happen for Monroe and Montcalm.

73 es God Bless de KK1L...ron rossi( <><
QTH: Jericho, Vermont
My page:

>>>"Thomas R. Williams" said:
> Ran into a strange thing regarding multipliers this weekend. When logging a s
> in certain counties, TR did not count them properly. For example, I log K8CC 
    in the
> following counties using the official abbreviations from the MICHCTY.DOM file
    : STC,
> STJ, GRT, and GRA. These should go in as 4 new multipliers from St Clair, St 
> Grand Traverse, and Gratiot. Instead TR logs STC as Clare, doesn't count STJ 
    as a new
> mult, logs GRT as Gratio, and then doesn't count GRA as a mult. Funny thing i
    s that
> the editable log shows the proper mults, and the scoring summary shows three 
> instead of four. The LOG.DAT file shows two mults; see example log below.
>  Band    Date    Time  QSO#  Call worked   Sent Rcvd Rcvd   Qth     Mults   P
>  ----    ----    ----  ----  -----------   ---- ---- ----  -----    -----   -
> 160CW  22-Apr-02 09:19    1  K8CC/STC       599  599    1  St Cla   Clare    
> 160CW  22-Apr-02 09:19    2  K8CC/STJ       599  599    1  St Jos            
> 160CW  22-Apr-02 09:19    3  K8CC/GRT       599  599    1  Grand    Gratio   
> 160CW  22-Apr-02 09:21    4  K8CC/GRA       599  599    1  Gratio            
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