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[TRLog] Partition Magic

Subject: [TRLog] Partition Magic
From: (Rick Tavan)
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 10:36:06 -0700
In addition to seconding the motion that Partition Magic works wonders 
establishing multiple OS capability on a single disk, allow me to suggest Win 
98 for running trlog. DOS-based, it lets you run a few other programs while tr 
is running. For example, I run Notepad for config file changes and one of the 
daylight projection map programs. Can't do that in pure DOS. tr seems to key 
the radio just fine under Win 98, so why back off all the way to DOS?

/Rick N6XI

dan hinz wrote:

> I can attest to the usefulness of Partion Magic as
> well.  I use it on the Ham computer.  I added an
> additional small (10M) partition so I could download
> files and such from the web in Windows and save it to
> a drive that both DOS and Windows could see.  Once I
> moved the file to its final DOS partion resting
> place, I deleted it from the "shared" partition.
> Dan
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