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[TRLog] TR version 6.65a

Subject: [TRLog] TR version 6.65a
From: (Ronald Rossi)
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 23:38:15 -0400

The release of 6.65 was a bit rocky. The EU folks did not
get copies, and there was a residual problem for SBDVP
users.. Both should be cleared up with the release of 6.65a.

Kevin Schmidt, W9CF, has released a slightly changed version
of SBDVP. Versions older than 1.01 WILL NOT WORK!!! The new
version can be downloaded at The new
version will not work with versions 6.63 and earlier of TR
unless you add the SBDVP switch "-c" to the command line.
That tells SBDVP to identify itself to TR the same way as it
used to.

Version 6.65a - released on 28 April 2002

 - Fixed delay for SBDVP messages being recorded or sent.
Version 1.02 of
   SBDVP now uses a unique identifier rather than the same
on that K1EA DVP
   used. This allows me to steer around the code added just
after 6.63 which
   broke SBDVP. You need to get the latest version from
Kevin Schmidt, W9CF,

 - Put the DVPActive check back in for K1EA DVP.

 - Included the New England QSO Party DOM files this time

Version 6.65 - released on 26 April 2002

 - Added support for New England QSO Party. Includes DX
multiplier limit
   of 20 for stations within New England! Should score
properly. POST
   will generate cabrillo.

 - Temporarily removed check for DVPActive pending an update
   from W9CF. This check broke SBDVP and helped K1EA DVP.

 - Fixed CQ and EX MENUes to display even if more than 79

 - Band map fixes
     Fixed random garbage from showing up when tuned out of
     WARC bands now display properly (but after the
'contest' HF bands).
     Fixed calls with slashes not having dupe state set
     Fixed LOGCFG.DAT recognizing BAND MAP SPLIT MODE = BY
     Fixed Home and End keys when editting large band maps.
     Cursor always returns to Home when changing display
modes while editting
       the band map. Too many special cases to check for

 - Band map improvements
default is false.
       When true in S&P mode all spots will show up in the
call window
       as you tune by even if they are not being displayed
in the band map.
     Added CTRL-Delete keystroke to delete current
(highlighted) entry in
       the band map from the logging window. You can use
this to delete
       undisplayed spots if they are in showing in the call
window with
     Added CTRL-Insert "placeholder" keystroke. This cool
feature will
       insert an entry in the band map with a unique 'call'.
This is useful
       when S&P and you think the station is a new one, but
the timing is
       wrong to call. With one keystroke you can mark the
frequency and
       move on. The format of the 'call' is NEWmmss, where
mm is the minute
       and ss is the second in the hour the frequency is
     Changed the BAND MAP DECAY value to be any value up to
999 minutes!!
       That should satisfy even the most stale spotster =:-)
     When editting the band map the cursor is now placed at
the current
       frequency if displayed.

73 es God Bless de KK1L...ron ( <><
QTH: Jericho, Vermont
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