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[TRLog] test driving the band map...

Subject: [TRLog] test driving the band map...
From: (Mike Wetzel)
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 00:42:31 -0500
All this talk about the band map is getting me jealous!

When I used CT I used the band map all the time (no packet) for populating
the band map with stations I had just worked (automatically added to band
map) (S & P) and also I had a hot key programmed for adding a station that
was worked previously that I wanted to add to the band map (this worked
great).  But I found this past weekend in the Florida Qso Party (where it is
almost 100% S & P) that I missed being able to use that feature a whole lot.
Now my problem evidently is that I am using Icom radios (4800 baud) and the
polling or radio response is such that TR is too slow to follow the radio
tuning.  It was great with CT (no delay) but with TR again in my situation
it's unusable.  Is anyone out there able to use the band map feature with an
Icom radio?

Mike W9RE

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