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[TRLog] test driving the band map...

Subject: [TRLog] test driving the band map...
From: (KL7RA)
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 10:03:19 -0800
Hi Mike

I may not understand your question completely as I use Icom
radios and the bandmap works fine with them. They are set to 
1200 baud (the only rate that works reliable) and I have the 
polling set to the default. 

TRLog polls the radio about once a second and the freq does
lag the dial a little but it has the numbers by the time you type 
anything. CT follows in perfect sync with the dial but uses serial 
board IRQ's. 

73 Rich KL7RA  

>All this talk about the band map is getting me jealous!
>When I used CT I used the band map all the time (no packet) for populating
>the band map with stations I had just worked (automatically added to band
>map) (S & P) and also I had a hot key programmed for adding a station that
>was worked previously that I wanted to add to the band map (this worked
>great).  But I found this past weekend in the Florida Qso Party (where it is
>almost 100% S & P) that I missed being able to use that feature a whole lot.
>Now my problem evidently is that I am using Icom radios (4800 baud) and the
>polling or radio response is such that TR is too slow to follow the radio
>tuning.  It was great with CT (no delay) but with TR again in my situation
>it's unusable.  Is anyone out there able to use the band map feature with an
>Icom radio?
>Mike W9RE
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