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[TRLog] I Need a Little help...

Subject: [TRLog] I Need a Little help...
From: (
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 20:52:27 EDT
Hello Contest experts,

Without beating an old horse to death, can someone please direct me to a=20
thread that will explain how to send a cabrillo file via email. What I want=20
to do is send in my results from a recent contest via email. What file do I=20
use and how do I=A0 get started? The manual seems to not be very clear as to=
how this should be done. I am sure it's simple but I am new to this=20
particular DOS program and it's taking a little time to get up to speed. I a=
looking for a clear A - Z, clear explanation..


Glenn=A0 WA4AOS

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