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[TRLog] Florida Qso Party

Subject: [TRLog] Florida Qso Party
From: (Ronald Rossi)
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 20:23:53 -0400

My guess is that MY STATE was not set to FL in your LOGCFG.DAT. Did you
go through the contest setup routine when you started TR or did you
build the cfg file yourself?

I just has a look at the code and the DOM files. All looks okay there
and what you describe fits exactly with the wrong DOM file being

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Pete Raymond wrote:
> This past weekend I operated the Florida Qso Party
> (FQP) using TR6.64 and want to surface some problems I had.  I have been
> using TR for over six
> years and these are the first problems I have encountered.
> After about an hour into the contest TR stoped sending any kind of a
> report, function keys worked
> but no reports in either the cq mode or S & P.
> Then started working again after I reconstructed my
> Logcfg values.
> Logged Qso's with AL as nf would not accept AL.
> Would not accept Mar for Maritime province in Canada.
> Would not give me any multiplier credit for any DX
> that I worked.
> Hopefully the powers to be can look at this before
> next years party and find the problems.  I have heard
> that others had some similiar problems as I did.
> The FQP was still a very enjoyable qso party with
> plenty of activity.  73  Pete N4KW
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