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[Trlog] Auto Zero of Clarifier and Other issues

Subject: [Trlog] Auto Zero of Clarifier and Other issues
From: KZ5D at (
Date: Sun Aug 3 14:01:03 2003
How can I delete the auto zero of the clarifier whenever you send a CQ with 
TR? This is an annoying problem since I happen to listen about 20 hz up from my 
transmitted signal. 

Is there any way to set the program not to allow access to the same bands 
when using SO2R? Just getting used to this neat system, but found myself 
the run radio onto the second radio's band in the NAQP. Not too good for the 
second radio's RX.

After the contests, I noticed an optin under Control J about "Total Time 
Off." I haven't seen any documentation about it, so any idea what this does?

I've printed the entire last Tr manual from website, which is about 200 pages 
and is version 6.71B.

Thanks for the help.
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