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[Trlog] RST problem - alternative program?

Subject: [Trlog] RST problem - alternative program?
From: charles Lewis <>
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 04:42:56 -0700 (PDT)
List-post: <>
I have begun to resort full time to using TR-Log to
work general CW contacts because of worsening
stiffness and muscle spasms in my arms.  I use the F
key CW memories since my problem also makes me a
"klutz" on the computer keyboard.  (I had to abandon
my paddle several years ago and go back to a straight
key because my thumb had a mind of its own.  Now I
often find it impossible to send smooth CW with the
straight key.)

TR-Log works great for me except for the inability to
accept full RST reports.  I believe in giving
meaningful RST reports.  (I don't understand why we
keep up the silly pretense of giving all contacts 59
or 599 in contests, DXpeditions, etc.; but I go along
with it in those events to avoid tripping others up.) 
I feel really stupid giving an R5 to a faint station
after struggling several minutes trying to pull it out
of the muck. I also hate being forced occasionally to
give a T9 to a station that sounds like a buzz saw. 
It would be wonderful if the program could accept a
full RST. Ideally it would default to R5, the last S
sent and T9. Entering a single digit would affect only
the S. Entering two digits would affect only R and S. 
For a full RST with a T other than 9, one would enter
all three digits.  That's the way my own BASIC logging
program that I used until recently worked, but I have
abandoned it because it has very limited CW sending

Apparently it would be too difficult to modify TR-Log
to meet my needs.  Does anyone know of another program
that might fill the bill?  Most other logging programs
I have looked at don't meet my needs for working
pileups because they require far too many key strokes.
 Ideally I should be able to type in only the call
sign and hit enter if the RST is same as the previous
contact.  Except for not allowing full RST reports and
the defaults I described, TR-Log is nearly perfect for
my needs.

Charles - S9SS 

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