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[Trlog] CQP - use of LAng for Los Angeles

Subject: [Trlog] CQP - use of LAng for Los Angeles
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 23:24:43 +0000
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The NCCC, sponsors of CQP, says on the website that the abbroviation for Los 
Angeles County is LAX.  The "Section List" on the K1EA website (which 
maintains cty, section files, etc., for CT, TR and NA) indicates either LAX 
or LOS are correct.  TR-log uses LAng for Los Angeles.

I have not submitted my log yet, but I'm wondering if the NCCC will 
accept "LAng" as the abbreviation for Los Angeles??  Or do I need to edit  
the log and change all "LAng" to  "LAX???"

73 de alan

Alan Kaul W6RCL LaCanada, CA 91011
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